The work of art is to make change.

To change systems we must start at the foundation, with the culture that supports the system.

The work of the system is to manufacture consent.

The work of art is to refuse consent.

The system currently extorts you for your lifesaving insulin.

The system currently has a monopoly - born by patent protection - on your lifesaving insulin.

The culture currently accepts this.

Make art to change culture.

We can only consent so long. Which will come first, death or financial ruin?

Extortion begets mischief.

Monopoly demands sabotage.

The diabetes community is known to be wildly innovative and enterprising.

#Wearenotwaiting for Pharma and healthcare to change their ways.

Your life is your art. You, incredible you, are part of the culture in which you live. When you refuse consent, you start to change the culture.

“We artists will serve you as an avant-garde. The power of the arts is most immediate: when we want to spread new ideas, we inscribe them on marble or canvas.” - Henri de Saint-Simon, 1825

Here’s a new idea: insulin is under Pharma occupation.