1. Write or call your local representative. Strongly encourage them to not take funding from insulin makers or PBM’s.

2. Read anything written by Fran Quigley, Director of Health and Human Rights Clinic at Indiana University School of Law, and author of Rx for the People: An Activist’s Guide to Making Medicine Available to All

2. Support T1International - a truly independent T1D patient organization that does not take Pharma funding.

3. Call your local JDRF chapter and express dissatisfaction that they have not called out the Big 3 for their egregious price gouging and collusion.

4. Talk to your endocrinologist - our doctors ought to (and hopefully want to) know just how much trouble patients are having.

5. Talk to literally anyone else about how many American T1D's are unable to afford their insulin. Public sympathy goes a long way.

6. If you find yourself in a foreign country, particularly our neighbors, walk into a pharmacy and try buying a vial or pen of insulin - experience for yourself just how simple it can be, in contrast to how overly complex and Byzantine it is in the US for a T1D to just get some insulin. It is a powerful feeling.


Liberate Insulin across the globe

This map shows how far our stickers have travelled to help free insulin from pharma occupation: